Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wiggles and more wiggles

Today was one of those days when my kids were driving me nuts. It has a lot to do with non-stop incessant wiggles. There is a saying in this family about kids being too tired to be good. Sometimes kids are just too wiggly to be good as well. Child number one was in a constant wiggle state from the time she woke up and was too wiggly to eat a decent breakfast. Her wiggles would drive her to do things she knows she is not supposed to do, but she can't help herself. She does something wrong. I remind her. She does it again immediately. I punish her. She does it again, more punishment. It was like the brain wasn't getting the signal at all to alter behavior. Other days she is just fine and can be a joy to play with. What made today different? I have no idea. Even a tricycle-ride around the neighborhood didn't help. The only thing I could think of was she's been dealing with a wiggly tooth that was becoming more and more uncomfortable. She finally asked me to pull it for her, so I think it was really bugging her. However, the over-wigglyness continued all the way until bedtime.

Fortunately, child number two was not having the same issues, but I think she wanted more attention. I was spending so much time dealing with behavior issues with her sister that I think she felt a little neglected. And, she decided that playing with her food was more important than eating it today. She'll probably be ravenous tomorrow.

So, chaos was winning today. As Scarlett O'Hara observed, "Tomorrow is another day." Maybe if I manage to get a decent night sleep I'll be able to bring some more order into our lives. That and a play date while Mommy goes to a doctor's appointment might help deal with the possible signs of cabin fever.

So, on that note, I'll sign off for today.

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