Sunday, November 26, 2006

Kids have such a way with words

I love the wonderful things my daughter says. This is child number one that I am talking about, as child number two is just beginning to be comprehensible. She has been coming up with howlers for a long time now. Lately, they are a combination of funny and philosophical. She calls 'em as she sees 'em. Lots of kids have this talent. Some more than others. I like to think our child is above average in this area. Before she turned two, a thoughtful relative gave us a journal for writing down interesting things a child may say. We have used it quite a bit.

Our firstborn is the star of the book so far, but her little sister has a few entries already. We have even had to add some things that Mommy and Daddy said (parents sometimes say funny things too). For this blog, I thought that I would share with you some of our favorites.

At 17 1/2 months: "Mama! Cow... moo... Sing!" (her way of requesting another round of Old MacDonald)

At 2 1/2 years: (She stops eating her ice cream, raises her spoon high in the air and says) "I am a woman."

"I'll say it loud...Moo!"

"Praise the Lord with snacks!"

"God plants cheese in our hearts."

At 3 years: "I want to snuggle." Daddy responds, "so what's the difference between a snuggle and a cuddle?" Child number one says after a pause, "seven."

(wearing her Halloween costume) "I am a cow. Mooing makes me happy."

(while playing with a toy Noah's Ark) "We need a potty-time before we go in the ark."

(Completely out of the blue) "Mommy, is it all about you?"

(around election time) Daddy said, "In about 15 years you will be able to vote." Child number one responds, "And, I'll use a hammer!"

At nearly 4 years: "I think it's too normal for us."

(during a prayer) "And dear Lord, we bless you and bless you until you sneeze."

(After receiving a sticker while getting a flu shot) Daddy said, "Would you like me to put it on your chest?" Child number one responds, "No. I want you to put it on my shirt."

"Daddy, come here. I need your appendix."

And her latest one tonight was about Mommy's changing appearance because of the pregnancy:
"Your belly is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and wider and wider and wider and wider."

Needless to say, these sayings have been a source of much laughter among family and friends. We are looking forward to her sister coming up with some soon. Though, child number one is now very aware that we write down the funny things said and suggests that we write down a few things that we say from time to time. We have found that if we don't write something down right away, we forget it too fast. We definitely recommend this if you have a kid or just someone in your life who is gifted with the ability to say really funny things from time to time. It is fun to look at it every few months to get a good laugh. It also causes us to wonder what the future holds for this child. She definitely has a remarkable vocabulary and has a way with language. We wonder if she will be able to retain the humor as she grows up (since most of the funny stuff was unintentional). We hope so. We dearly love a good laugh.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, just had to share one of my own from today... my daughter is 3 years old. She really likes the TV show Caillou, even though she has only seen it a few times. Today we were talking about the show and I asked her what Caillou's friend's names are. She has a great memory and proceeded to list all of his friends. She paused when she couldn't remember one, then got a big smile and said, "Oh yes, I remember, her name is Orange." This did not sound familiar at all, but my daughter doesn't just make things up, so I questioned her some more and then I remembered that the girl's name is Clementine! At the store a few weeks ago we bought a bag of clementines. The amazing thing is that ever since we bought them I have just called them oranges, I haven't said clementine again. She never ceases to amaze me and make me laugh in the process!