Sunday, November 12, 2006

Back to the joys of orderliness

My husband gave me the chance to sort and put in order baby clothes on Saturday. It was glorious to have enough time to sort, take inventory, rearrange and put away the clothes we have for our new little one who is expected to enter into our lives in early February. It is so rare these days to start and complete a project in one reasonably short chunk of time. Usually I have several projects at different stages of non-completion (which drives me nuts).

We were able to that this time because we got all of our chores done the day before. When I thanked my husband, he said, "um, I didn't know that was anything special. I thought I was just goofing off." Which is technically true. But the important part was that he was goofing off and taking care of the kids, leaving me to do something else virtually uninterupted. It felt really good.

I realize that in the big scheme of things, this was very small. But now one of the big jobs in preparing for the baby that was waiting for me is done. As far as clothing and accessories are concerned, I know what I need and what I don't. And, far more importantly, I have a little bit more peace of mind. That is worth a lot.

Yes, the rest of the house still has waiting or interrupted projects. Yes, I still have more preparations to make for the baby. It'll get done. Some just have to take time (like weaning child number two off her pacifier or cleaning up the baby furniture and car seat for another run through with soon to be child number three). I started the process with the pacifier this weekend too. So, I think the furniture and car seat will come next. Did I mention that I really, really like having things in order? I think one benifit of preparing things for the baby is that, the baby isn't here yet to throw things into disorder. I can get everything ready, put it in the nursery and close the door. Since the other kids aren't allowed in there, it stays ready. Yeah!

Well, now that the kids are in bed. I should go bring some order to a few other areas of the house before bed. Or I could call it a successful weekend and deal with the fact that I have the munchies. I think the munchies will win in the short term.

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