Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Few Pictures for Your Entertainment

I've been swamped lately. Therefore, I haven't made time to ponder weighty matters and write my profound conclusions. Tim has been away most evenings for play practice, so I've been feeling a bit overworked. Thankfully, the play performances are coming soon and then I've have him back again. In the meantime, I've selected some recent pictures for you entertainment.

I've mentioned that we have a Wii which I use for exercise, and the kids mostly use it for play. Though, they would sometimes join me in my exercise routines for an impromptu P.E. class as it were. Here are the group of us doing Yoga poses.

The warrior pose:

The chair pose:

And halfway into the palm tree pose:

We also can give you more up to date pictures of the kids....

The Pillowfight Fairy in a serious moment (while planning her next move in Wii bowling):

The Adrenaline Junkie happy that I interrupted her math page for a photo shoot:

The Happy Boy giving a very fake smile:

And a couple of pictures of the Little Chunk doing what he does best, wiggling and smiling:

Our days have been full of school, housework, play, baking, and rain. We are trying to keep from getting too much farther behind in our school year, by only taking a day off here and there as needed. I prefer to take a whole week off at a time, but we have already had so much time off when the Little Chunk was born.

I've had to keep up the housework since we have been having people over once a week and I need to keep the house mostly presentable all the time so that day's clean up isn't too time consuming. I also have to do laundry twice a week to keep the Little Chunk in clothes.

The kids do get a good bit of play, but they have been feeling rather cooped up with all of the rain lately. I have also been baking a lot... cookies, brownies, cake, etc. It is partly because we provide snacks for our guests once a week. But, It is also because I like to do it.

As for rain... we've had a lot. Just within the last week we have had five inches of rain. When I walked across our backyard today I could hear the squishy wet sound like you would expect in marshland. We haven't started our spring garden yet. It hasn't been dry enough to roto-till yet. But the trees and blueberry bushes have been blooming and the bees have been coming out to pollinate them even in the cool cloudy weather in between rains. So, perhaps we will get some fruit before too long.

We are supposed to get a little sun this next week. So perhaps the kids and I can get outside and run around some. I might be able to do a little yard clean-up too. We still have leaves that need raking from our flower beds and tree branches that need trimming. Now if I can only finish up the taxes. Somehow I don't feel very rested lately.