Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Stubborn babies

Well, it is looking more and more like this baby is going to be like his sisters... stubborn. Unless something changes today, this kid is holding out for a February birthday. My first child was 10 days late. The second, who was also predicted to come early, was two days late. I'm still hoping for slightly early if not punctual for this one. I have had at least two false alarms where the contractions got going and just before we decided to go on in to the hospital, they went away completely for a day or two. I'm starting to think of things I'd like to tell my doctor (but probably won't). I know that the time is short. This baby will come out soon. I'm just really, really tired of waiting. On the bright side, my sinus problems have nearly cleared up. I've even been able to smell a couple of times recently. Being able to breath properly during hard labor will be much appreciated. We'll see if I post again before the birth. My next prenatal appointment is scheduled for Friday. I hope I get to miss it.


Wendy Power said...

We hope you miss it too! We talked to Granny last night; she sends her love.

Let's see...walking? Cabbage soup? Mineral oil? Ummm...walking?

Anonymous said...

Tonya did some tree-pruning today. And although we haven't tried much cabbage, we DID try eggplant. No joy (in more ways than one).

--Tim, AKA Mr. Domestic Entropy