Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chaos is here before the new baby... uh oh...

Well, half of us are well and the other half of us are improving, so I'll come back for an update. Mommy and child number two seem to have a tougher time recovering from illness. Child number one must have inherited her Daddy's immune system.

I am at 3 1/2 weeks till my due date. At my last appointment, I was told that the baby is in position and just waiting for labor to start. My parents have come to help out, so maybe I have a better chance of getting well before the baby comes. As a result of the household of illness, however, I haven't had much energy to do the last preparations to get ready for the coming baby. Unless, the baby comes early, I think we will be able to get things done eventually.

It is a good thing that I'm improving in health, my oldest was starting to run wild since she was feeling better than the rest of us. I've been having to reign her back in to civilized and polite behavior. It is frustrating to have to retrain and discipline every time a bump in the road of life comes up, but I suppose that is normal for all kids. They like to know where the boundaries are. Child number two is still sick, cranky, and taking full advantage. I suspect that the new baby will be a tough transition for her this time. It'll be tough to retrain her into a new routine in enough time. Yet it must be done. The baby shouldn't have to suffer, because bigger sister is extra demanding lately.

So, with child number three on the way, chaos is still trying to make a foothold in our household.

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