Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas chaos brings New Year's clean up

It is something I noticed long ago. Christmas presents tend to cover the house once opened and it takes extreme effort to put things in new places. With young children the problem intensifies because they are constantly wanting to pull out a new toy to play with. With our two year old the attention span between one toy and the next is approximately a minute, so the room becomes cluttered again very quickly. So over the next day or so, I will wage a war to bring order to the chaos once again. It's time to sort through the old toys to see what needs to be put away for later, what needs to be put in the bedroom, what needs to be in the living room, and how to consolidate everything into new orderly places. The two year old will still want to pull everything out to play with, but at least she won't have all of it in one spot to tempt her constantly. The tree will be coming down tonight and we can move the furniture back to its normal locations. We have to achieve some kind of order by the weekend so that I don't go crazy next week when my husband goes back to work.

I have definitely entered the "Ugh! How long can I carry around this child before he decides to come out" stage. I realize that it isn't time yet. We have five more weeks. But, I can't chase after the kids like I used to. I can barely get the normal household chores done (and only the most desperately needed at that). I tire out every few minutes and I need naps more than the kids do. So next week will feel like a marathon. My husband will be back at work and my parents won't arrive to help out until the following week. I will have to get the kids back to a normal (non-holiday) routine after they have been thoroughly spoiled. I also have to find baby sitters for while I go to two appointments that week. On the plus side, I'll be so busy it will go by quickly.

So, it is vital that I bring order to the chaos this week. Clutter affects my moods and makes me cranky and depressed. If I feel like the house is in order, I will be able to make it through the tough spots easier. After all... if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing how much you sound like me. Seriously, every new entry you write could have been written by me. We just got home today from the holidays and I was just looking around the house wondering where all of the new toys will go and what could be grouped and stored together with exsisting toys and what I will put in bedrooms. I have the same toy clutter problem as you with my 18 month old. Luckily my 3 year old is very neat and likes to have things in their place. But my son likes to go from toy to toy and pretty much empty every container. Luckily I am as organized as you sound so clean up goes very quickly, but new Christmas toys always add an overwhelming doom to my order until I find each new toy a home. So, good luck with your week of creating new order and also with the pregnancy. It was hard enough keeping up with my one toddler while I was pregnant with number two so I cannot imagine trying it with two!