Monday, December 18, 2006


Somehow the Hallelujah Chorus seems appropriate now that our Christmas music program is over. The Christmas Cantata went well. We heard lots of good comments. We are still exhausted however. We had kept the kids up well past their bedtimes the last two nights and tonight, child number one asked "are we going anywhere tonight?" in a slightly apprehensive voice.

My husband, the music director of last night's performance (also known to some in the chorus as the song fairy since he arranged a good number of the songs in the performance) didn't get much chance to recover and had to be in to work 2 1/2 hours early this morning. The poor guy is terribly tired and the kids are making up for missed Daddy time. By the way, he wants to know which of you taught child number one to give her Daddy a wet willy (Uncle Rick?). Kids and chaos are reigning in our house tonight.

Notable recent quotes:
Child number one (at a recent singing practice): "Let's get out of here before something else happens."

Mommy (to child number one who is loudly complaining about her sister playing with her hair): "If you lay your head in your sister's lap, she has permission to play with your hair."

Child number two (frequently): "Again! Again! Again! Again! Again!..."

I am very happy to have the Cantata performance behind us. Now I can concentrate on Christmas craziness that needs to get done before we travel again for the holidays. Even so, I am trying to make it fairly simple. Too much stress during this time of year makes me sick, and I don't want to be sick when I'm so close to delivery time.

Well, that's all for tonight...


Wendy Power said...

Let it be known that Uncle Rick had nothing to do with the wet willy. He would SO lose his Christmas presents if he did that.

Tonya Power said...

Uh huh... Yeah.... It's just that I seem to remember a certain incident when wet willies came up. I won't say that he taught her. Let's just say that she's a bright kid and absorbs things like a sponge.

timeless said...

UH...I don't know what a Wet Willie is! Sounds bizarre...

The secret is to not "lose it" when chaos reigns,,,eventually, you will find some semblence of order...but I always call it planned may have to accept the chaos during the next 6 weeks. Just let perfection go away for a won't "lose it".