Monday, December 04, 2006

Home at last

We returned home today and are glad to be here. It's tough to be gone for a week with small children even when you have help. I also sleep worse when I am away from home (even though I was at my parents' house, sleeping in my old bedroom). So, I'll try to keep this posting fairly short and try for an earlier bedtime tonight (it doesn't usually work, but I'm not usually this tired).

Thanks to those who have given me input on the cloth diaper issue. I'll be checking out those websites soon. I'll have to do a lot of things soon, seeing as my count down is now at 9 weeks to go. On a daily basis, that is a lot of time. In the grand scheme of things, Yikes! it's almost time.

For those following our homeschooling posts, We have managed to keep up the schooling fairly well while traveling. In fact my daughter was starting to get tired of the same old toys and games and was asking for schoolwork on her days off. We have a smallish plastic file box that we keep the current homeschooling supplies in. It has folders for a lesson plan book, the current main lesson book, supplemental workbooks, coloring books, drawing paper, writing paper, construction paper, stickers, a ruler and a small box holding pencils, pens, tape, glue, scissors, etc. I have found this a useful system for me. I keep it up to date easily, since it is used nearly every day. As she finishes one book, I replace with new ones that I've been storing in the closet until they are needed. When we go on a trip, I just pick up the whole box and put it in the car. The craft items are also useful when we go places where she will need entertaining. Since she is still so young and I am just a few months into homeschooling, I use the lesson plan book more for recording what she actually does rather than planning out the lessons ahead of time. My theory is that I can use it to set goals and create a broad outline, then look back over the year to see what specific progress has been made. Then I can use that information to better plan for the next year. I fully expect that as we go from year to year, the planning will become more detailed and it will turn into a true lesson plan book where I chart out the lessons ahead of time. Right now goals and flexibility are the order of the day. One upcoming challenge I see is how to adjust the learning schedule when the new baby comes. It is tempting to take a break from homeschooling for that time, but I don't want to break a good habit that we have been developing. I'm thinking of switching gears some (since she will have recently finished her current lesson series on phonics) and do a lot more reading practice. She will probably enjoy the attention and the stories, the parents and grandparents can do it easily, and most important she will still be learning. If anyone else has some ideas about this, feel free to share them.

Well, that's all for now. G'night.


timeless said...

This old-fashioned mom used cloth diapers! Well, the disposable ones weren't too advanced then, and they WERE expensive. So, during the first month or two, I had a diaper service ... greatest thing in the world! Then the washing began...but having to sit down and fold them was a made me take a well-needed pause to reflect and plan. Of course, we had a good supply of cute plastic-lined pants to go over the diapers...they were cheap, and I had a favorite brand that were soft and pliable. The nice thing about cloth diapers is that you can fold them differently as the baby grows. AND...after they aren't needed anymore, they make GOOD good dusting cloths!

So, that's a good ecological thing...

Anonymous said...

And another old-fashioned cloth diaper using mom here too! Cloth diapers in my opinion, the best! I kept my children's flannelette flat diapers folded (and tucked inside the baby's dresser, along with lots of rubber pants and several sets of diaper pins. When change time came to, it was out with a clean diaper, two diapers once the kids were older, a pair of rubber pants if needed, then diaper change time began. What wonderful days, what wonderful memories!