Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fall Health Problems

There is a part of me that loves the coming of Autumn. The pleasant 60-80 degree temperatures during the day (better than the over 100s of summer)...the coming of holidays...special events...time with family; these are things I enjoy. However, the Fall also brings the first diseases of the season and along with the cooler weather comes my frequent bad health. I'm not often completely out of commission, but I am frequently either fighting off a cold or dealing with extra allergies. Either way, any time that I'm in less than stellar health, I start to fall behind with the little daily things that help the household run. And since my allergies are mainly environmental, falling behind in housework actually makes them worse. The return of the rains and the colder nights mean extra time indoors as well as generally stuffy noses. The problem with this is that I am indoors with the dust mites and the cat dander which makes me feel sick, which in turn makes me less likely to clean. The result is a dirtier house and less inclination to clean. I know it isn't good for me. I know my improved health depends on extra care to my living environment. But when I am feeling sick to my stomach and add on to that a sinus headache, somehow just getting through the day managing the basic needs of the kids seems like almost too much.

So, Fall brings a long string of sicknesses and allergies. I know that there are plenty of drugs that can be taken to improve my symptoms at least. Until a few days ago I was taking one of them. I was even marveling at how well I was feeling in comparison to last year. But, I also am one of those people who tend to avoid medication when possible. Added to that my husband and I plan to try for another pregnancy soon and my allergy medications are not on the OK list (frankly almost nothing is on the OK list). My understanding is that only some of the medication not on the OK list have known problems for people who wish to be pregnant. The others they just don't know because no one wants to be responsible for using pregnant women in their drug trials. So here is the issue, take the drugs to relieve annoying symptoms for my convenience and possibly cause some unknown harm to a future child, or don't take the drugs and suffer until... well ... until after such child is not only conceived but born... however long that might be. It's not a fun choice. Some might suggest that I take the drugs now and try to get pregnant in a later season. The thought has crossed my mind, but doesn't really work. My allergies are year round. They just peak in the Fall and in the Spring. And my husband and I don't think waiting is a good choice either. I'm already 40; the longer we wait the less likely that future pregnancy will be.

So the choice is the conservative route. Do without the allergy medication for the duration of the wait. So, I'll probably be struggling with my health this fall. And I hope any visitors will excuse the messy house.


A. Jean said...

Tonya - You and Tim deserve a cleaning person. It costs us $65.00 each for twice a month cleaning. You could be out of the house, once you trust your people. Your time spent cleaning is worth the money. Also, you won't have to deal with those allergens, dust mites, cat dander etc. Everything will be clean and settled when you return. Ask your friends at church. Someone will have a referral. You all do deserve it!

Auntie Jean

Tonya Power said...

I don't think that I would go so far as to say that we deserve a cleaning service. I will say that the idea never really crossed my mind until you mentioned it. I think that I have a built in predisposition against it. But after some reflection, and considering it practically. I doubt very much that our budget can handle an extra $65 a month. We have been blowing through our surplus pretty fast with the backyard project. But, I can't say for sure since keeping up with the household finances is one of those neglected jobs. Whereas being frequently miserable is free.