Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It is good to see people finishing their education

I went to college for what seemed like forever at times. I have two degrees and attended a total of 4 colleges with 4 different majors (Physics, History, Library Science and Theology). I was a college student whether full-time or part-time for about ten years. I am about 5 classes away from a third degree, but stopped because life intervened in the form of a grandmother moving in, a boss retiring, and starting to date my husband. My career was as a college librarian and I really care about education and education issues.

With that background, I love to hear stories of people not giving up and finishing their education. So many people start their education but find that something gets in the way and they give up. Both of my parents went back to school after their kids were half grown. Both my brothers left college for the work world. I have friends who had interrupted educations for many different reasons. Every person has a unique story of course, but most stories have a lot of mundane life thrown in. However, recently I saw a story that was not ordinary in any way. Here is the link to the news story.

We rarely hear of someone famous going back to school because they want an education. Stars and celebrities are supposed to have the best of life after all, why finish an interrupted education? But, how great is it that a rock star has what it takes to be an astrophysicist? I love it.

Oh, you might wonder if I am planning to go back and finish that degree. Right now, I can't say. I was pretty burned out on college after that many years of it. I have an extremely full life right now. I'm busy teaching my own kids after all. Maybe someday the time will be right again to return to it. But for now I am content.

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