Sunday, September 02, 2007

Getting the humor back

OK I've felt sorry for myself long enough. It's time to bring the humor back. Today at church I helped a lot of people feel like their problems weren't so bad after all. I even managed to wear an ensemble that matched my purple cast. I figured that if I color-matched with a cast, people would be less startled by the fact that the other foot was in an athletic shoe.

Today at lunch I started brainstorming up new sports that could be played by people in my condition. How about crutch hockey? That might just catch on. I have to play it to move toys out of my way. How about an obstacle course? I do that just going from the kitchen to the bathroom. Then there is my current favorite... just hop up and down on one foot for the next four weeks. It sounds ridiculous. That's because it is. I might as well wallow in the absurdity.

Living suddenly in a way that does not allow you to use one foot, requires so many adjustments. I can't do at least 90% of the things I would normally do. Most of the other 10% requires a lot of adjustment, too. You definitely begin to feel for those who have to make such an adjustment permanently. I am also a lot less inclined to let my kids leave their toys on the floor. Hopefully, I will make good progress in healing and will be slowly getting back to normal again. Will I look back on this and laugh, oh sure... I already do. Will I remember to be careful? Hopefully, but sometimes we can be forgetful when we are busy with the present.

Now that my humor is coming back, I need to help my husband find the humor, too. After all, he's taking vacation time to do those 90% of things that I can't do. So, things have to be really funny to phase him right now. But, I think that he's getting better at it, too.

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