Saturday, July 14, 2007

A few funny things

It's been a while since I last posted so I thought that I would treat you to a few funny things that came up recently. For instance: Our two year old's fortune cookie told her that "A small vocabulary doesn't necessarily indicate a small mind." We thought that was hilarious.

Our two year old has also taken to pretending to be a cat. She will crawl around the house (or outside even) meowing plaintively (much like our calico). She will plop down in front of you (much like our tabby). Then decide to get up on her back legs and lick any exposed flesh (also like our tabby).

Our four year old has taken to the movie Alice in Wonderland and especially likes the Jabberwocky poem (which she has seen on the muppets by the way... you can find it on YouTube). Daddy has had to memorize it for her since she wants it recited so much. And because of this we had an idea for a name for our homeschool. You see, under our State laws, we will need to register as a private school with a school name once our students are of age to be legally required to attend school. We have another year yet to do this registration, but we knew about it and have been debating over a name. On one blog site my husband found advice on choosing names. They suggested looking out your window and using what you see as your name (e.g.: Greenlawn Academy or Pinon Wood Academy). We debated options with our lawn. We could be Terrace View Academy or Fruit Orchard Academy or Pomegranate Tree Academy. None off it seemed to have any character or personality that fit the strangeness that we consider our family. So... back to the idea for a name. We think we are now (in our own minds at least) to be called "Tulgey Wood Academy". Whether "Tulgey Wood" is two words or one in the name is still up for debate. As you can see, I am on the two word side of the debate.

I've been simplifying a few things lately. Getting rid of dishware that we have literally never used, excess stuffed animals, and books that we no longer needed. We still have a lot of clutter, but it takes a lot of time to simplify and organize. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the big backyard construction project. We have finished pouring concrete for the pathways and are now working on the patio. Hopefully, by the end of today we will have the patio one third done. After the concrete comes paving stones, then backfilling around the paved areas, then landscaping with plants and finally some sort of wood chip ground cover and ground cloths to keep down the weeds. The wood chips are especially important for the climbing/slide play contraption which is currently on hard dirt. After all that, I think my husband wants to take a break and let me do some of the jobs I have in mind inside the house (like painting).

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