Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Swamped in the little things

OK... So it's been a while. As the title says, I've been swamped with little things that are all important. Little people are important and I've now got three of them to look after. That is going fairly well. The oldest two can usually play together without killing each other when I need to look after the third. The baby is easy going enough that he can play on his playmat while I do dishes, cook, or do homeschooling with the girls. However, there are other little things that have added to the general chaos like finding time to do our taxes and finally, today, take all three kids to the post office with me to mail them. I think it brightens people's days to see me out with all three kids. For some it is nostalgia. For some it is "thank God I'm not her."

I also have to update our financial records to find out if we are still breaking even. I haven't touched them since before the baby was born. Then there is the fact that I can't wedge anything more in the filing cabinet. That needs thinning out of unneeded items (haven't done that in about two years). I can't paint with my oldest daughter until I clean a much used counter so we have a place to dry paintings. We sort of got roped into doing some stuff at a Easter play day at our church when we have sooo much work to in the backyard.

The backyard construction zone is now at the form building stage in preparation for creating actual walkways and a patio. Since my husband is doing this in his almost non-existent free time, it'll take a while. I find it hard to be patient at times and not begrudge time to good causes every now and then.

With the kids, the most recent thing is that our oldest has lost two more teeth. This time they were not symetrical. Her right front tooth on top and a left slightly to the side tooth on the bottom came out on the same day. She now has a really fun jack-o-lantern style smile.

Life is feeling full. And, although the baby is allowing a little more sleep lately, I feel like I'm playing a ridiculously big job of catch-up. I also have trouble thinking clearly during allergy season. So if this post seems a little disjointed, that is why. Allergens are little things, too.


Anonymous said...

"...and finally, today, take all three kids to the post office with me to mail them."

Wow. I know the kids are a handful, but I didn't realize it had gotten this bad.

-- Tim :)

Wendy Power said...

(The grammar nazi within is laughing.)

Cold germs can be added to the list of the little things. Does anyone in your family have them right now? I'm sneezy and yucky. Rick, following Tim's repeated example, is fighting them with sheer force of will and Zycam.

Tonya Power said...

Sorry Wendy. 4 out of the 5 of us have a cold right now. Tim once again is the hold out. We must have infected you Sunday without realizing it. I kept the kids home from MOPS and Wednesday Bible class because they were so drippy. I think that we are already starting to get better, though, so there is hope.