Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I exist on

Do you ever type your own name in a search to see if by chance something comes up? A friend of my brother just published his first book, and I searched his name on Amazon to find it. I found it ,by the way, "A Quest for respect" by Robert Worley. If you like fiction drawn from military history, you might buy it and let me know what you think. I'm more into straight history personally and not the military area of it.

Anyway, my husband had me search on his name, and we found listings for someone with a similar name. Then, on a whim I typed a search on my maiden name. WOW! I found myself. I used to work as a college librarian. One of the professors who writes lots of books, listed me among many of my co-workers in his acknowledgements. It wasn't someone who shares the same name. It was me. WOW! That was really cool. Yeah, I know it's just the acknowledgements. It's not like I wrote a book. But, it still made me feel famous for a minute.

Now I guess I'll just have to go back to my mundane life of making meals, changing diapers and not letting any of us run out of clean clothes. Anybody else want to put me in their acknowledgements page? Anyone... Anyone...

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Anonymous said...

Tonya - You're also in an acknowledgment by Les Christie for the book "Unfinished Sentences." You're practically famous!

A. Jean