Monday, February 05, 2007

New baby arrived safely

Hello all! Baby number three arrived on Saturday and all went well. He is a hefty fellow at 9 pounds and 7.5 ounces. He is still super sleepy all of the time, so we haven't gotten a good idea of his personality yet. Both girls seem to be happy about their new brother. The younger one however is more animated though. She wants to help hold him. She likes to look at him and give him kisses. She also gets very upset when he cries and tells me that he needs a tissue. Both girls missed Mommy when I was in the hospital. The younger one had to plaster herself to me for about 15 minutes straight when they visited me in the hospital. She finally was lured away by her older sister who had discovered that the room divider were fun to play hide and seek in.

I am recovering nicely. I think I am actually doing better this time around, compared to the previous two times. But, I am not back to normal. I will be going to bed as early as possible for a while. Our oldest child will be having very little to do for her homeschooling for the near future. But, she will be learning a lot about babies. Now that the kids are in bed, I think I will wrap things up before the baby's bedtime feeding and get ready for my sleep for the night. Goodnight.

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