Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I want another cookie

Child number three is now three weeks old and life isn't feeling quite so bleak and sleepless. We still want more sleep, but he is now waking up only once during the night. The girls are adjusting to the new baby driven routine as well. Since, I'm not breastfeeding anymore and will soon stop pumping breastmilk, my mind has been turning to that age-old new mom concern: I need to drop twenty pounds and get my muscle tone back before I can fit in my old pants.

Yeah, I know new Mom's aren't supposed to diet, but neither do they need to eat like a horse if they aren't breastfeeding. Exercise is good, but I'm supposed to keep it fairly light in the beginning as I work back up to my old strength. Besides, It's the rainy season and I have to take three kids (4 years and younger) with me wherever I go. That doesn't make exercise a terribly convenient activity.

I'm being good. I only started to try to limit my portions at mealtimes and stop eating before I'm completely full. I'm eating dessert at fewer meals. I do get out and walk with the kids when the weather is good (even if it is just running an errand at a local store). I've also been doing some simple and easy muscle toning exercises before bed. I seem to recall from prior experience, that it took at least two months to get back into some of my larger pants and skirts. It is hard to wait for the slow progress. In the meantime, after another long day I find that I want another cookie.

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