Friday, February 25, 2011

Dreary Days

Life has been feeling dreary lately. The rain keeps coming and coming. Our backyard is looking a bit like a swamp at the moment. I had to put a plastic tent around our tiny lemon tree today, since our area is expecting a hard freeze either tonight and/or the next night. We harvested all of our oranges yesterday and began giving them away. It's a pity I don't like marmalade. This would be a perfect opportunity to try to make some.

For the last several weeks we have all been drifting in and out of cold symptoms making it hard to tell when we are well and when we are truly sick.

School work has been getting done steadily, though I think we all could use a break. I hate to take one, though since we took extra time off when the baby came. So, three of the four kids were extra drippy with their noses today, I decided we were taking the day off.

For the last week we have had a sick cat too. Quite suddenly, Misha, couldn't walk last Friday. Tim took her to the vet Saturday. After giving her some fluids, she was able to use her legs again. But, when they tested for particular problems that they expected to be the cause, the tests came back negative. So we have a sick kitty, and the vet doesn't know why she's sick. We suspect it is old age having its effect on her. She will be 17 years old in April. We are doing our best to help her as we can. But all she wants to do is lie in her favorite place. Unless it is a simple quick passing illness, we think her health is going downhill fast.

I'm looking forward to spring. My spirits pick up a bit with the sunshine and flowers.

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A. Jean said...

Oh my, Tonya, you are having dreary days. I hope you newest boy isn't suffering this older persons ailment. The rain will go away and I hope causes no harm to your garden. I'm so sorry about Misha's slide and I will grieve with you when something happens to her. Tim has had the sisters for a long time and I hate to see them fading.