Monday, July 06, 2009

Dress update and the first day of school

I mentioned that I was going to post pictures of the completed dresses I made for the girls. The matching summer dresses were completed at the end of May. Here's a picture:

I think they turned out well.

The fancy dresses are still in progress. I am in the middle of constructing The Pillowfight Fairy's fancy dress. If I worked on it faithfully every night it would be done by now. But, I am not up to working on it every night.

We also just had our first day of school for the new school year. What? Early you say? What better time to be indoors than during a Sacramento summer. I'm pleased to say that it went well. The lessons went quickly. The kids were happy to be doing school again. They had structure and purpose in their lives again. As a reminder this is the first year that I am doing two kids in a structured format, with the toddler as the wild card. The Fairy is starting second grade and the Adrenaline Junkie is starting Kindergarten. The lessons were mostly review for the Fairy today. They were more challenging for the Junkie, but not too difficult of a stretch. The Junkie got plenty of play time (often with her little brother) to get out her wiggles. The Happy Boy managed OK too. He did try to get me to turn on the computer for a video or a game, but could be convinced to play with other things instead. He and his sister spent a good thirty to forty-five minutes going back and forth between the kitchen and dining room while opening and closing the sliding door in between while pretending they were characters from Bugs Life. They did make a tremendous mess of play food on the kitchen floor supplemented by a dozen board books and a toy alligator. But they also were able to clean up the mess without help. About an hour later I did discover a half-eaten nectarine on the floor of the kitchen. But these days, that is a blessedly small mess compared to what the Happy Boy is capable of. He is getting tall enough to reach things on the counter tops and has snacking tendencies. On the whole I am pleased with the day and hope we have many more that go as well.

For those wondering about when my husband is going to update his blog, I have no idea. He just got a new shipment of rings and has started making a chain maille outfit for the Adrenaline Junkie. He loves his new hobby. So your guess is as good as mine.

We seem to be in a crafty mood lately. He makes chain maille. I make dresses and am planning some crocheted shawls to go with said dresses. The Pillowfight Fairy has been knitting a scarf (hopefully the first of many) which she hopes to sell close to Christmas for extra money. No special craft for the Junkie yet (though I am contemplating fulfilling a promise to make a toy "church mouse" and getting her to help). The Happy Boy has obsessions too. He likes to put foam letter stickers on paper in mostly straight even lines. He can easily do this for an hour a day (or until his two year old body has to wiggle out of his seat and go running around the house in circles).

With all of our idiosyncrasies I think I am losing track of whether our daily life is amazingly dull and boring or odd and exciting. Or maybe we are oddly boring or dully exciting. I can't actually say that I've ever been normal, but I think our family is continuing to be different but in many ways that are different for us. Does that make any sense? Well, at any rate, we are managing to maintain routine life while adding in a little variety. And yes chaos is still alive and well in our household and I am still working on finding order in the midst of it.


A. Jean said...

Cute dresses, Tonya. Do you plan on the girls having similar fancy dresses too? What with Tim being occupied with a hobby, at least he won't be running on the streets, causing trouble and things. Also he can spend his birthday and Christmas money on the washers. Speaking of Birthdays, Happy Birthday tomorrow, Sweetie!

Tonya Power said...

Thanks! The pattern that I got for the girls was a pick-one-of-eight-similar-styles-of-dress type patterns. Fortunately, The Fairy picked the simplest one. It's a sleeveless fitted bodice with a poofy skirt (lemon yellow) and a draped overskirt (yellow sheer with sparkles). I'm not sure about the Junkie yet. At first she wanted the most elaborate dress they had (9 yards of pregathered lace...seriously!). Now she can't decide because she keeps changing her mind about the color and in her mind that changes what style she should have. So I'm stuck with a decision of 1)go with what Mommy would prefer...simpler, like her sister's dress, or 2) go with the most elaborate dress to satisfy her inner princess. She would probably be happy with any of the dresses if she didn't have the other styles to compare with (and unfortunately she does). I never really thought of tomboys as being terribly concerned about fashion, but somehow she combines the two.

Timothy Power said...

Actually, I am running on the streets these days.

About a month ago I decided I needed a little more exercise in my life, so I started doing runs in the evenings after my kids were in bed. They're not terribly arduous runs, mind you... I just worked my way up to three miles tonight.

(Ahem. That's three miles I ran tonight, not that I've finally accumulated **three whole miles**. Just thought I'd keep that clear.)

Um... want some chainmaille? :-)